July 1, 2024

Working in Unreal for Level Design!

Looks like I'll be switching to Unreal Engine for future projects so stay tuned for updates for the game. Typically before the game can evolve into something fun you'd need to give the player something to do, place to go, ect.  What this video strives to do is to open up the possibilities by seeing the structural asset layout out roughly to scale. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step forward" as they say.

I've been into a lot of ComfyUI experimentation lately among other things as you may know if you follow on Instagram but this is the first free site that I know can do lip syncing on characters of fiction or just old family photos.  The site/app/AI is called HEDRA.  It allows you to not only create the voice and image to use in the lip sync.  It also syncs everthing up for you.  Here is the result of a few tests I did.  Happy computing!

I've been into this game a lot recently as it is competitive.  Heck!  Maybe the E-sports aspect will really take off as I am just getting good.  This video shows my skills just starting out.  If you already play Rocket Leauge this video will make you scream "Newb!" at the screen.  Nonetheless, if you join, I hope to see you as Wholebitmedia...Searching...3X3

Free Album for June

Ilkae-Pistachio Island

This is the standard for modern electronica.  Listeners are treated to a sonic journey of ever changing beats and digital emotions translated into sounds.  If keyboards could talk I think this is what they would say.  Ilkae is a prolific music maker with a bevvy of albums under his belt.  Each one is unique and phenomenal in terms keeping the listener entertained as well curious.  Feast your ears.

June 2, 2024

New Issue Is Coming!

Hi Y'all.  I'm putting the finishing touches on the Spring Issue of Procedural Arts AI Magazine as was my solemn oath.  This issue is going to be supercool and informative.  Did you ever wonder what the future would look like in your backyard?  This issue is real estate guide to future homes posing as a hip magazine.  Be sure and check that out(if you can) and have it ready in the water closet for all those slow-moving regrets.

Also the mecha are piling up over on Instagram with stats and various angles as you see below, included for your wildest mech dreams to be realized.

Lastly I've put together a video essay and storyboards for a possible animation called "SimStem" that is in the style of Neuromancer or cyberpunk as it is called.  This is set a bit more in the future though.  OK, thas it, how about checking out the issue when it drops as well as subscribing for more updates on our landing page. Check out the album of the month!

There is the constructed reality of HIVE city, but there is also a #digitaltwin. Psiops is a new organization that uses metabots and drones to monitor subspace while protecting cloud data. Rarely are humans in the "loop" when it comes to data breach, most of the danger comes from actual attacks on the data centers themselves. These are seen as demonstrations against an unpopular corporate interests run by a network of autonomous and/or anonymous "#AGI"s. 


May 1, 2024

Mecha in Progress-Games in Play!

Last month we worked towards getting some concepts together for the game again and have been posting over on instagram.  I've also been playing a lot of Metal Wolf Chaos from Devolver Digital.  I played a few other games, GTA, Warframe, EVE, Hawken Reborn, but am finding the most information about gameplay from that game.  You can watch some playthroughs below or on my YouTube channel .  I hope you subscribe!  I'll see you around online of course right?!  ;)   Join my mech Gaming+AI Discord at Wholebitmedia. I hope you like the mechs in this slideshow, give it a spin!




If we want to beat the machines we must think like humans. To humans life can mean many things. There is no definitive answer and each time we look in the mirror we see a newer version of the person inside of us. We observe a different result inside the double slit experiment. I've argued that we make our own luck, but whether you believe in chicken or egg, the ever-present mirror; the conscious stream, is a reflection of ourselves.


Ambient landscape oriented music video with old school techno trance.


I created a short about a bunch of animals in a grocery store in Unreal Engine using the "Replikant" Plugin.  I prompted the engine with my idea and the engine maufactured everything in less than a few clicks.  I'll never be the same again.

Liquid Experiments

Put together a series of demonstrations of prompting for different types of liquefied substances such as sulfur ect; and allowed the simulated chemical reactions to take place

April 2, 2024

New and Edgy AI Film Projects

More items from our growing library of proffessionally produced AI films with a turnaround of no more than a fews days time.  

We are really enjoying this new medium and are delighted that it allows the opportunity to communicate in any style and send the exact message to the exact viewer in a relative manner with messages aimed at all viewers regardless of age, race, or orientation.  

Just check out some of the new vids and let us know in the comments what you think of our way of working within this new and fast changing medium of AI video generation.


Cockpit Mechanics

Roughing out some scales on the cockpit for the main robotic characters 

Assets In Unity

Part of a move to revisit code for online multiplayer capabilities for possible event implementation

March 14, 2024

GameDev Update

Letting this one get out from over on YouTube.  I need you to subscribe and watch my videos.  These are new developments involving the game production


-working to get the avatars inside the cockpit

-revisiting multiplayer code for new implimentations(events)




Hip hop sounds, noise, soul samples

March AOTM


Hip hop sounds not afraid to speak their mind with music.  This is a pay what you want so it's worth a listen to hear for yourself all of the interactive grooves and good vibes!


bob le head-L;oops

Hip hop for intellectuals who aren't, and never will be paying attention to what's in the background.  Chopped up beats.  I'd buy that for a dollar! and OC it is...

Album of the Month: February



Soulful hip hop tech fusion

Album of the Month: January

March 7, 2024

BackLog of Monthly Albums 

I'm gonna start archiving the monthly albums chosen each month here in the blog so it's possible to go back and see what albums can be downlaoded.  These are usually "pay what you want" or close to no money.  I'll hope you'll appreaciate your newfound sense of taste.

Hope you are following us on Instagram Couple new reels up in the blog as well as this wonderful alien adventure!

Check out the selected album(s) of the month over on BandCamp!!

Thank you.


Feb 29, 2024

Uncanny Valley

I recently spoke with the PixVerse staff and they enjoyed what I've created so far although I may have been reacting to an AI generated email LOL!  I'm still working on the mecha and will be posting a more comprehensive update on the transformation soon.

As the team has thinned out, I've decided to improve my practice by learning more about the limits to the video production side of AI video generation.  I have been getting some good results trial and error wise so I'm making this blog post for reference.

I really should post more frequently but I'm trying to get a gauge on how regular I am with content as well as how annoying each post is to the normal daily flow so I know when to come back and give more info.

I made two or more films this far.  Check them out and subscribe to the YT channel for more great visuals from the "uncanny valley".

Uncanny valley-Hypothesis that human replicas which appear almost like real human beings elicit revulsion

Feb 20, 2024

Hello AI Branding Strategy...

This month I've gone off the ethical rails with some AI animation techniques that I think you will find interesting.  I've been trying to push the boundaries of this technology not only for artful, but for practical purposes.

Therefore I've decided to let AI help with my ultimate vision for my logo and brand.  Can a group based on disruption of the norms be successful if it disrupts itself?!  I've torn apart wholebitmedia in this one.

Also looking forward to comments and subs in the YT discussion/comment on whether you think this new AI animation video thing is going take off or not.  What are your fears and do you look forward to full AI generated video?  This is going to impact everybody in my opinion. Grin!  Lets see those teeth.

Jan 26, 2024

I Made AI Animation!...and Music

I've seen all the TikTok dance videos with stable diffusion filters added to create animation as well as a lot of the video generators.  I wanted to try the AI animation process out and go full AI with animation and also the music.  This is something that might have taken years for one person squashed down to the space of an afternoon.

-These beats and vocals were created at Suno A!  Do these girls get down or what!?  They are gonna blow up your speakers and blow your mind with their stable diffusion dance moves!


Gimme some of that Automatic Eleven Luvin,

Feelin' it deep, like the stars above, yeah,

Lora and the Diffusion Girls, we're risin' high,

Stable vibes, we're gonna touch the sky.

Automatic Eleven Luvin, in the neon glow,

Lora and the Stable Diffusion, let the rhythm flow,

Tribal beats, techno trance, house divine,

We're dancing through the night, in perfect time.

Lora and the Stable Diffusion Girls,

Spreading love in a chaotic world,

Beat pulsatin', hearts acceleratin',

Automatic Luvin', no hesitatin'.

Steady beats, like Whitney's grace,

Diana's voice, in this sacred space,

Madonna's spirit, rebellious and free,

Lora and the girls, unity in glee.

Rhythm takes us to a higher plane,

Diana's vocal magic, no restrain,

Madonna's words, a rebel's rhyme,

In this fusion, we're lost in time. 

Jan 4, 2024

Happy New Year!

Created a little sketch render and video showing some work for the game mech character run cycle.

Nov 24, 2023

Previzuals Keep Coming!

Working with the team to move past the networking issues and problems at this stage.  Meanwhile the group had indicated that they deserve better dreams at night.  I dipped down deep and grabbed a few things from my bag of goodies!