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 "If we want to beat the machines we must think like humans. To humans life can mean many things. There is no definitive answer and each time we look in the mirror we see a newer version of the person inside of us. We observe a different result inside the double slit experiment. I've argued that we make our own luck, but whether you believe in chicken or egg, the ever-present mirror; the conscious stream, is a reflection of ourselves."


Hope you are following us on Instagram Wholebitmedia has gone righteous in its effort to say something with meaning while flexing its motion muscles.  Be sure and see our lineup of new short films made just last month.

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Free Album for April

97 Special-Escape

I'm a big fan of these guys and it's one of my go to albums midi.  French Hip hop sounds tinged with classical piano with some samples from Cowboy Beebop.  This is a pay what you want so it's worth a listen to hear for yourself all of the interactive grooves and good vibes! 

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