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Blocking Out Level Design

Looks like I'll be switching to Unreal Engine for future projects so stay tuned for updates for the game. Typically before the game can evolve into something fun you'd need to give the player something to do, place to go, ect.  What this video strives to do is to open up the possibilities by seeing the structural asset layout out roughly to scale. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step forward" as they say.


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Free Album for June

Ilkae-Pistachio Island

This is the standard for modern electronica.  Listeners are treated to a sonic journey of ever changing beats and digital emotions translated into sounds.  If keyboards could talk I think this is what they would say.  Ilkae is a prolific music maker with a bevvy of albums under his belt.  Each one is unique and phenomenal in terms keeping the listener entertained as well curious.  Feast your ears.

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