Power of Prompting for Mushrooms!


I enjoyed making the alien scapes so much in the previous project that I decided to follow through on the promise to animate some of my first prompting experiments if possible.  Very relaxing!

This was an experiment in using some of the first unbelievable imagery I created with AI over on PicFinder.  When I first heard about this text to image workflow I had no idea how wrong I was about the stupidity of using words and not feeling to create artwork. 

 I though it was silly and decided to play around with some mushroom stuff just for fun.  I was thinking that it would be nice to use these as concepts just a year ago and thought about how I would animate all of it.  Well new the dream is real!




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Free Album for July


This is one of the hardest to classify dance albums that has come out in the last decade or so but also one of the best.  There are different bpms but all mixes smoothly.  NeonCity is a label that has put out some gems if you are into progressive mixed with what I could only guess is a "kawaii" or cute style.  This is one of the more aggressive selections and I imagine there will be more from this label later this or next year.  I highly recommend checking this album out and following their releases.

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