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Recent Announcements

  • Lightwave CAD 5.2 by W3Tools
    MALE AND FEMALE NURBS MODELING with Lightwave CAD plugin from W3Tools

    SiI've been using this architectural extension for Lightwave for almost a year and though it is clunky with a steep curve where NURBS are concerned, it is as efficient or better as the normal version of AutoCAD for creating architecture as many of the features for creating structures like roofs, walls and stairs are automated.   I'm currently using it to build more efficient polygon models for humans and faces as well as other extensible objects.  The pic above shows the results of the reconstructions of a pair pf human polygon based models from a video I released on my channel of a session of character movement tests in Lightwave's layout program.  Click the pic to see the vid and also check my soundcloud playlist!
    At this point I'm kind of spoiled on this program and couldnt live without.  I'm hoping that the workflow will return to a much more "drawing" type feel with the use of the nurbs patching, however I'm still comparing it to the normal Lightwave curve features.  At the moment LWCAD main advantage is its snapping feature which allows for creation in perspective rather than ortho views.  Meanwhile here is a video showing of some of the procedural house structures I built straight away.  Also I am gonna use this banner for stuff.

    Posted Apr 20, 2017, 4:34 PM by Terry Daniels
  • Genetica Studio
    I figured I would do a short update since the  Minapods thing dropped.  Still working with 3D coat as you can see some additions in the slideshow.I. I've been doing some game stuff consisting mostly of architectural research and mocap stuff.  Recently picked up a new addition to the pipeline  in the form of a textures generation application called Genetica Studio. 
    GenArts, the makers of the program was founded by Karl Sims, a pioneer, perhaps the first to generate robust artificial life algorithms that evolve by themselves. I had the honor of attending a Siggraph (conference97) where demoed many of these strange creatures before Will Wright created the Sims or Spore his version of a-life. 
    I've got a few more surprises in  store that you may have already played with around the web but I've been diving into this app to try to tap it's potential for future use.  Getting some good results some of which are in this short video link

    Posted Apr 20, 2017, 4:08 PM by Terry Daniels
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