About Wholebitmedia...

Concerning Wholebitmedia and its Co-Conspirators as well as Collaborators:

I'm looking to partner with people with expertise inside the media/games/tech and/or animation industry. Wholebitmedia Systems LLC(Whole Bit Media); is an innovative company seeking to create an MMO(online videogame) and also expand our marketing capability through animated content. We have a unique graphics based AI as well as many other ideas we wish to present and patent. We're designed to stand out, create disruption and raise the bar for media companies entering into profitability.

I am a long time web content creator and video/animation/game producer who has been working freelance. My work is edgy, experimental and hooked into a new consciousness that needs audio visual expression. I'm working to raise the vibration of the viewer and leave them with something at the end of the media experience beyond everyday fast food style interaction that can sometimes play a role in consumption. My writing achievements include a cyberpunk screenplay based on mythology as well as an comedy animation pilot.

Terence Daniels



713-826-9648 USA

Animation and effects generalist with a diverse ability in traditional and digital mediums. My experience with television has also provided me opportunity to work in nearly every aspect of production, from runner to compositor. Storytelling is one of my favorite things about life on this earth, and it drives my enthusiasm for my work.