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Genre:Sci-Fi Trilogy
Length:161 pages
Style:Concept Art
WGA Certified

 This rough futuristic screenplay was written as  a series of events based loosely around the mythological tale of Orpheus and other related events.  It interweaves the lives of many different gods and demigods inside a tale of cyber-technology, hostile holographic organisms, political warfare, and a love triangle.  It takes place in a time after an Apocalyptic Cyberwar in a time of the peaceful existence brought about by the efforts of the Alliance.  However, this  peace is underscored by an air of corporate deception as the struggle to control of a pre-war technology ensues beneath peaceful relations.  Includes camera directions in the dialogue.  EX: LS-long shot. 
 Script:Going Under
Genre:Comedy Short
Length:10 pg
Style:CG/Live Action
WGA Certified

 This is a script for a play/film done using CG animated animals over live actors in an office type setting. Seacorp, the merger company has taken over the smaller company, Cantuna, previously run by all humans. Since the merger the animals have taken over and are eager to whip their employees into shape, especially Stankor Seaweed. who enjoyed a passive existence until the merger. Now Stankor’s career and his very life are in jeaperdy due to the vicious and carnivorous policies of the new regime.
 Script:Stewpid Pilot
WGA Certified

 Stewpid : Synopsis This is a pilot writing for a 30 minute animated comedic series geared towards young adults and teens with some language and sexuallly suggestive subject matter.  The style is marked by an anime sense of timing and Steve Holland (80's, Better Off Dead) humor; and frequently stops or interrupts the play with asides or comments from non-living objects or animals.  The animation style will be pseudo anime remenicent of the Robert Valley(Gorillaz) and other French styles.  The ages of the characters hover around college years, being just out of high school or college, but still having to deal with roomates and egos. The music that inspired the writing may also be important.  Groups such as the Pixies, Blur, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Ween, and the Beastie Boys may provide the proper mental setting.
Storyboard Sample:CLOUD9 Genre:Space Adventure Length:70 panels Style:Animation/Rotoscope Script:N/A


This file is an example of an action sequence from a planned episodic space adventure pulp for which a pilot writing has been created.  Some characters for the series including alien types can be found in the illustration section of this site but the script is withheld due to the popularity of the genre.  I hope this will provide a good example of some fast pace action as juxtaposed with dialogue minutes.  Some panels appear twice.