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Design Update

posted Aug 27, 2015, 12:57 PM by Terry Daniels

I'm split in a few directions as you can imagine.  Had a version withsome navigation inside some new environmental structures then as usual the upgrade wiped all my scripts.  Nonethelss I'm liking Unity5's new capabilities and had begun work on the ai.  Developed the model with the 6 transformations called the Galena which I will post avid of later.  I'm waiting to finalize different mech versions with details ect.  Meanwhile still working on a vison of the future architecturally.  Less coding lately as I'm not sure what the basic game model will be.  Also still holding out for funds and extra coding assistance with the network.

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Untitled Post

posted Jun 24, 2014, 10:09 PM by Terry Daniels

My last project in unity other than gene-dyne involved me importing some texture mapped buildings into unity for scale and visual considerations.  Unfortunately recent updates to the unity software meant revamping the component scheme on most of my software.  Fortunately I was also working on mapping the game control buttons to the Playstation's USB controller so rigged a floater to go see the new buildings with.  You can download the game/app for mac or pc from the links below and plug your usb contrroller into your PC/MAC to float around a bit.  I call it an e-fraame because usually when it starts floating it doesn't stop.  It's a small world afterall!

you can use a (usb) controller or  the arrow and b keys on a  keyboard



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