Concerning Wholebitmedia and its Co-Conspirators as well as Collaborators:  

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a classically trained Visual Communicator who has found himself in the position of motion designer and with my background in animation I am able to full fill most any design task. I can create original concepts, logos, and characters in two or three dimensions, and storyboard them in their native environments.

I have been a speaker at local animation/industry events, talking about my experiences and methods. I've studied narrative as well as more commercial and flashy techniques of content assembly. I know how to catch and connect with the interest of the viewer!  A few of the design related skills I have include, public instruction, project management, and group organization management.

In terms of my experiences making animation you will see in my portfolio, examples of 2D, 3D, tradigital, flash, stop motion, motion file implementation, compositing, and much more.

Although programming is not my major field of expertise I have had some C++,C#, and other experiences creating VR environments. For the web I have used some of Adobe's HTML editors and Actionscripting for visuals. Recently I have been working in the Unity4 game engine environment, programming and animating game characters.


Terence Daniels

713-826-9648 USA

Animation and effects generalist with a diverse ability in traditional and digital mediums. My experience with television has also provided me opportunity to work in nearly every aspect of production, from runner to compositor. Storytelling is one of my favorite things about life on this earth, and it drives my enthusiasm for my work.
During the day I work in 3d animation, special effects and motion graphics with a talented group of artists. I have created animations from the music industry, television, corporate, oil and gas and museums. It is very time consuming but I am passionate.
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